Thursday, 13 October 2011

Have you seen my glasses...

Its very easy to fall in to a rut with sewing, I keep sewing, I know what works, I can do it and it sells. Great...but sometimes its nice to take time out and have a play.
I am still on the hamster wheel trying to get so much done and yet I don't feel like anything is happening, but it is. One of my 'littlies' went into hospital which of course was stressful, he came out without any damage done and in fact he was chipper, so with a day off taken to recuperate along side him, I had images of reading to him, making him comfortable, healing chicken soup cooking on the hob... how wrong I was, his capacity to bounce back was astounding.
So we spent a day at home, we had some yummy food to see us through the day, we started the day curling up on the sofa together, it was not long before he wanted to go off and do his own thing, so whilst he built a Lego Star Wars Ship I made a pot of tea and went into my sewing room.
It was a treat to have some free and unexpected time so I enjoyed the time playing.
As a constant cry from me before we rush out the house is "Have you seen my glasses" - well no more, I have my very own free form embroidery glasses case, I liked them so much I made a few, I think they are a nice line to add to the Christmas fairs. I loved picking the fabric and matching them up with buttons and ribbons and they are very squishy as I used my best iron on padding. I have not shown them to anyone yet so as usual I am a little nervous about them. I did pop into a friends gift shop and she has some similar (only factory made) and I was told they had sold well, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Its also an excuse to use my new labels...I am pleased with the quality of these, nice and thick.
In the evenings this week I have been taking to curling up on the sofa with a glass of red wine and my tray of hand sewing... its starting to look a lot like Christmas here!!!
Indeed I have accepted that the summer is over and the Autumn season is passing through... so its Hot Chocolate time with marshmallow treats...
Just what you need to warm up after a wet dog walk...I love living near the canal...Photo not out of focus, just lots of rain!

Have a great weekend!


Claire said...

Love, love, love your glasses case, they look fab and a great idea too.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows, yum, I love Autumn and all the wonderful things it brings.

How nice to live near a canal and enjoy wonderful walks in all sorts of weather..........

Claire :}

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Ms. Dotty -- those glasses cases are DELICIOUS!!! I love them -- they're just SOOOO darn cute. I'll bet they'll fly out of your booth!

Pene said...

Hi Suzie I love the glasses cases, can I ask where you got your labels from as I desperately need to get some made.
Pene xx

Ruth said...

I love the new glasses cases - a really great idea! I love your work - I am sure your business will grow and grow!

Debby said...

Love the glass cases. Very cute. I know you will do well at all the shows.
Love your new banner picture.
I hope you little guy is okay. They do bounce back quickly.....alot quicker than we would.
Happy Fall.