Wednesday, 24 November 2010

In full swing

In full swing indeed, its all going on here...The Christmas puddings are a treat, I had intended for them to be hanging puddings but I love them bunched together and like the little cupcakes, I think will make great pin cushions. I have really enjoyed making these, I have to confess though to finding a pattern for suitable holly was not an easy one, in the end I had a play and put two patterns together to make my own. Knitted on small sock needles and using 4ply they take a little patience. Guaranteed to make you smile though.
Cute and pretty is the theme for this years Christmas. The Christmas Craft fair season is in full swing and my stall takes some arranging, trying to get the balance between too much and not enough was harder than I had imagined. My success this year was in my cushions, even the none Christmas ones and my linen lavender hearts with Merry Christmas Labels on. I have to confess though I think it was the smell of the lavender which helped, I watched everyone around me twitch their nose to find out who had the lavender.
Its nice to see all the bits and peaces I make all together, as I put my stall together my head was already filling up with ideas for next year, Ahhhhh so many extra sewing hours needed...Its always nice to meet new people and a fair is a great way to meet fellow crafters, to whom I am grateful for looking after me.
Generally things are starting to come together here, had a couple of blips in the past week, I reversed into a parked car...ouch !!! My washing machine gave up in the most spectacular fashion, shredded clothes and a haze of toxic smelling grey cloud covered the kitchen. I have been told my repair work on the house might go on into the new year but the painter has been in and things look so much better even if they are unfinished, a bit of colour goes along way. The activities in school are starting to busy up and there is that air of excitement. So its full steam ahead to the holiday season.
With the first heavy frost today and all the hills around me are white and glistening in the cold clear air as the sun shines over the moors... I feel bless. So forgive me and if I can ask you to indulge me in a little beach time. No more swim suit and bare feet but a cold, clear run along a beach with wellies and sweaters. Ah its good for the soul...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Its crazy here at the home of Dotty Red. So much so I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and struggling to see if there is actually an end insight. Just about every room in my home is full of Ikea bags filled to the brim with all sorts off stuff as I get the work done on my flood damage and prepare the house ready for sale which means a massive amount of sorting out.Of course for a crafts person its also the busiest time of year as I prepare for the Christmas season. I was doing quite well with this as I had worked on various projects through the summer. Then on a Christmas visit to two very special customers of mine they cleared me out of most of my stock, this of course made me very happy, I still get a big kick out of people wanting my work for their homes especially at such a family time as Christmas. So my sewing room now looks like a party has been taking place and every surface is covered in different projects, the kitchen table (when the builders have left for the day) is taken over by a production line of stuffing hearts and little birds with lavender, then buttons being sewn on and finished with a Dotty Red label, whilst I try to re stock. At least with the smell of lavender it helps me to relax a little and de stress! But sometimes it gets too much... with all the upheaval going on in my home and indeed life, I needed to get away, a little break of a different kind, one that would sooth my soul, blow clear fresh sea air through my hair and enjoy some quality time with my boys.
So we headed off to Anglesey and had two of the most beautiful days, with fabulous crisp, cold, blue skied days. Our time was spent chilling out and walking along the sea edge wrapping up all cosy in many layers plus hats scarfs and gloves. The boys took great delight in catching ten crabs whist crabbing over the little pier which had the most amazing views of Snowdownia.
For the first time in a while I took hold of a camera and started to take pictures again...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Excuse me...

Just dropping in to explain my total failure to blog. We are all well and had a super week away in our little escape pad at the beach. It was the best week of the year so far, the boys and I had a super time and except for one rainy day we made the most of the Autumnal sunshine and spent most of it outside.Splashing in the sea in our wellies, shivering on the beach eating ice cream and then warming up with hot chocolate and a huge pile of melting marshmallows. YUM!
It was hard saying my goodbye to the friends I have made there and indeed we had a very social week enjoying this special time with special people.
We ended the week with the traditional Halloween party, we make a scary family I think...

So excuse me whilst I get back to dealing with my home being in total upheaval whilst the kitchen ceiling is being ripped down, re plastering and painting in three different rooms after the flood in the summer... busy busy busy.

Catching a few hours in my sewing room to keep on top of the orders, nearly there now and then can spend some time planning a new range, this always makes me happy.

Studying is taking up my time in the evening as I have my first assignment to hand in this week - nervous !
Will be back next week, thanks for bearing with me.