Thursday, 19 April 2012

The elephants came by two by two...

A little break from the norm. Two weeks to kick back, find a new groove and just go with it. How I love holidays, I ignore time... completely! No appointments, no rushing around, no time waiting for things... I love the way my body just adjusts to this rhythm, waking up when I want to not when my alarm clock tells me (well maybe when my children choose to start playing) to eat when hungry not grabbing a sandwich between appointments, walking the dog as long a we like instead of rushing her around before we fly out again, which made for some super long walks.
All Dotty Red orders had been made up and posted so that meant some time without committing to my sewing room... which meant play time... Oh my and I so love my play time, these little family of Elephants just kept getting bigger as I wanted to use all my fabrics... It all started whilst I was surfing the net with my little one, we had a peek at the Retro Mama blog and my wee one got very animated and wanted an elephant just like he saw on her blog... the joy, Retro Mama sells the patterns, so we ordered it there and then and we popped off to my fabric stash and he picked the colours he wanted... the next he thing he knew he didn't know which one he wanted... too many to choose from. Oh Happy sewing momma!
We took off for a few days and the weather for the first and last day was SUPERB!
Oh how I have longed to feel the sand between my toes and the sea breeze through my hair.
Bliss Bliss Bliss...
I went to bed at the end of that beautiful day and a storm blew up and it rained, hailed, the wind blew and the snow fell...
Not to be put off by the weather we still had our fish and chips on the beach, however due to the howling storm taking your very breath straight out your lungs and the sand whipping at your skin like razors, we sat in the car, with our favourite music on and sipped our hot chocolate. Do you remember the advert with the girl who sat in her car listening to 'I can see clearly now the rain has gone' making herself a cuppa with the heater element you could plug into the lighter socket for a mug of hot water? Oh how I loved that advert... I was in that happy place!!!
So we hunkered down for the next few days and chilled out, chatting, playing board games, watching movies and this Mom got to sew... a little spare of the moment hand sewing... Oh happy days!
We returned home as some special friends joined us to celebrate Easter. So with the house full of mischievous laughter from the five children running around having the best time and us grown ups chatting, cooking and generally catching up, I was reminded of New Year, my home full of people I loved, I adore cooking and looking after friends it warms my heart and is so good for my sole as it really balances me. Cooking to me is a big part of how I show I care for someone.
Eater day was started by the children hunting the eggs (thanks Caroline. Er I forgot to buy the eggs). We sat and worked out the meal plan and how long we had before dinner needed to be started and we all pulled on our walking boots and went for a walk... my version of a walk and my friends is slightly different, I would have called it a hike!!!
The meal was cooked in a relaxed way, all doing our bit in the kitchen and then we all sat round for a somewhat 'chaotic' meal, not enough chairs etc... it had a real feel of Christmas day, but without the stress!!!
Sadly I had to say goodbye to my mate and her super family once again.

Then before I had time to get all miserable and sad about them leaving the boys and I had an invited to share a birthday meal... a delicious family Chinese banquet. An honour to share this family event.

Yes this Easter holiday has made me count my blessing... surrounded by friends I care about, laughing, the children happy, good food, beautiful walks with the Rosy the pup and lots of sleep...

After my divorce I lost so much confidence I found it so hard to relax and just couldn't ever imagine being in a position again when laughter filled the house and the people I was with I felt loved by. Yet this week has taught me, if you hang on in there the good stuff happens...