Sunday, 17 June 2012

needles and pins

What an incredible couple of weeks, my main focus has been Dotty Red and here at the home of Dotty Red its been none stop sewing, needles and pins, pretty fabric and the sweet smell of lavender.
 Each day brings a new design to the lavender hangers and as I match up the ribbon and fabrics I bask in my love of colour.
 But its not all play, my book keeping has had to have some attention, trying to make myself more organised and I am revising like mad for my Math GCSE exam. To be taken on Tuesday!
Fortunately the week away at the sea side was the place and time I needed to rest and recharge my batteries.
 To be able to feel the warm sand between my toes, lie back and let the sun shine on my body and listen to the waves gently lapping in whilst my giddy children run in and out of the sea until they eventually get so wet they give into the water and swim... yes swim, you wouldn't catch me in the sea without my wetsuit on at this time of year....
 We spent all the sunny days at the beach and on the less, more wet, days we walked through the beautiful countryside.
A celebration party for the Jubilee with friends and family in true British style sitting out with our BBQ food trying to shelter from the rain!!!

Our little pup had her little legs walked off and was indeed a truly wet dog after many an impromptu run into the sea as she chased seagulls. Yes a great, if somewhat wet, week.

This was the first school week in six years I have not gone into school, oh how I missed it, but life moves on and as much as this makes me sad I guess I have to admit the career path of a teachers assistant has now ended for now and I am concentrating on Dotty Red.

I am a bit behind in my blogging duties, I have a wonderful interview to share with you and a fabulous award to accept.  Will be back later in the week, just need to get through my exam...

I thank you all for your wonderful words of support and encouragement on my last post, it means so much to me and I feel very blessed, thank you form my heart.