Monday, 15 October 2012

Just foxing around!

 Busy... ha! Life is going at a fast pace at the moment and the 'to do' list is just getting longer but I am really finding my rhythm.  For the first time in a while I feel in control, yet realistically my security is far from - well secure.  Since I last popped in here big changes have taken place at the home of Dotty Red. Very exciting changes. Dotty Red is now a full time business. The seed was planted here over a year ago and over the months that seed has shooted and grown in to an exciting venture.
 I long to have my own little shop, I know just how I would have it, down to the wall paper, the window display and a big bucket of fresh flowers on the counter (this is something from my past, as I qualified as a florist many many years ago I have a need for fresh flowers around me) but this is just a dream at the moment, as a single Mom, I still need to around for my children or at least earn enough to pay for childcare, so this is my option and right now, in this moment, its thrilling.
 I have had support from a business adviser and after many hours of sums and speculation we got to the stage of 'Just why are you not doing it'? I have to admit to being a little intimidated by all the paper work and lots of brown envelopes arrive through my door at the moment.
Well here I am and I have to thank you.  For the lack of my posting and you still stick by me, I appreciate that so much. The emails I have had have really helped me on my journey.  Blog land is just the most supportive community. Its a great place to share and inspire. I have watched a few of my favourite bloggers move from hobby to business and it has been wonderful to watch the challenges they over come but mostly the life balance it offers.
But here I am at my computer gone mid night, with a bowl of porridge to stop my late night tummy rumbles and I still have an hour of sewing a head of me.  I guess no one said it would be easy!!!

PHOTO'S: Fox and Owl autumnal cushions, using vintage fabrics and buttons collected throughout the summer at various vintage fairs. A big fluffy feather pillow inner to give it that extra 'squish' appeal.