Thursday, 21 October 2010

Get knitted

A glowing fire, the warmth it radiates, the wonderful smell reminds me of richly coloured Christmas evenings. The leaves crunchy underfoot......Ah yes the nights are drawing in far to quickly, I am not ready yet to move indoors in the evening so the fire is made and we carry on...
Warming mugs of homemade soup and crunchy bread keep us going until the chill really touches our fingers and toes.
Then its time to curl up in the evening with a little creative work.
Its madness here at the home of Dotty Red. I am chasing my tail the majority of the time, why is it that when one thing goes wrong, others follow. Still waiting on my Lloyd's insurance people sending the builders in to my home to sort out the damage caused by the flood in July. What I have learnt from this experience is that after a while you really do stop noticing the damage and sheer ugliness, you just learn to live with it, I even have only half the lights working in the kitchen from the electric damage... The rest of the list is too boring to mention-fridge, bed, washing machine, car etc - oh my oh my!

So a week away to our little hide away by the sea is just what my boys and I are in need off, it breaks my heart more than I can tell you that this will be my last holiday here, my children are devastated to have to say goodbye with me to this special place, this place that they love so much.

As I live right in the middle of this Island I think a move nearer to the ocean might be considered in the future as the boys and I are such beach babes and for the last few years we have spent the majority of our free time here.

So with the box of toys packed and of course my beloved sewing machine we are running away for the week. I wish you a fabulous half term holiday and I hope we are all blessed with some special family memories to carry us through the darker days a head...

Thursday, 14 October 2010

No Seriously...

Autumn has well and truly arrived here, the leaves are almost off the majority of the trees in my garden and I mowed the lawn for the last time this year. The air is crisp and when the sun shines, if you close your eyes you can make believe its still summer as the sun has warming strength to its rays.So as much of our time is being spent outside before the cold grey damp weather takes a hold, of course this means little time spent at the sewing machine, no seriously, this week I have hardly sat in front of my sewing machine and I miss my time there not to mention my productivity levels are low, low, low!
But watching the delight in my children's faces as they kick up the leaves and enjoy the textures of the season, their rosy cheeks and I can not forget to mention that magical dragon breath as they roar around the garden. Sadly our colds and coughs remain with us, well mostly with me, but a little fresh air never did anyone any harm. As the nights draw in I am reminded that this is precious time as soon it will be dark and the playtime will be focused indoors.
However when the little ones curl up to sleep I can usually be found curled up myself with a glass of wine and a little hand sewing... The Christmas fair season is nearly upon us and the sewing needs to get done... but for the meantime, a few extra hours in the garden and a few more leaves to clear up.

Packing my bags for a weekend in Wales, some cosy clothes and a little knitting, its promised sunshine... an autumnal walk along the beach is being hoped for, have a great weekend and catch you next week.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Planning for Christmas

Its a poorly house here at Dotty Red, nothing serious, just the usual seasonal coughs and colds. Which of course involves lots of snuggling up on the sofa under quilts, the fire on and a movie or two to sit and snuffle our way through.
I really am amazed at how I have just accepted Autumn this year and the usual sadness of the loss of the long summer days this year is just passing me by. Its been replaced this year with a longing for glowing warmth, the cosy and dare I say it, even looking forward to some snow. Its a shock to me, the summer girl that I am, the girl that loves the beach and playing in the sea, being out in the garden till as late as possible enjoying every minute of the warming daylight. Indeed it comes as a surprise. Only this morning when I was raised from my sleep by two little people wanting their morning cuddles and breakfast, I lay there actually enjoying the dark, the dark mornings when you have to put the lights on to reassure yourself that it is actually morning.
As the light forced its way through the night sky revealing the mist over the hills that surround my home, yes indeed Autumn this year is a treat. My little one runs into school with squeals of delight as he breathes out and his breath swirls in front of him he shouts "Dragon Breath"...
Yes indeed Autumn and all its changes... for me a completely new routine, free time seems a luxury of time gone by now and maybe the little dose of sickness is an opportunity to slow down a little and curl up with my children. College is going well and work is a learning curve but none the less enjoyable. Sewing time however is hard to find and to keep up with orders requires some strict time management.
I have been working on Christmas stock and playing with lots of buttons, how I love buttons, little button heart Christmas wreaths are keeping my hands mobile and some what sore with all the wire cutting, I have even had time to try out some new product lines... now if I could just magic up an extra couple of hours a day and the ability to shake this cold... dream on... dream on...

A little give away soon...