Friday, 8 March 2013

Mothers day

 Sunday is Mothers Day, a day we give thanks to the woman that has carried and cares for us all our lives if we are fortunate enough.
 Maybe your a Mum yourself, as I am, and it has a completely different meaning. But as a women we have this amazing gift to create, nurture and grow. We do it in ourselves and we teach it to our children. 
 Sometimes the word 'Mum' can be a difficult one, for many reasons, I am adopted and I find this weekend difficult, I find I think a lot about my roots, my birth mother, who and what kind of a person she is now. 
 I know people who are hurt by their upbringing, how it effects their day to day life. Being a Mum is difficult job, getting the balance right and especially in today's society. I chose to be a stay at home Mum, I choice I have never regretted. Personally however you become invisible in society, I am part of a group of women that spend their time just looking after others and I move through my day without anyone telling me I have done a good job, there are no meetings on my progress and their is no promotion. I know its the best job in the world for me.
 With all the emotions of Mothers Day it is still a day of celebration, as a single Mum no one is there to tell my children to buy a gift or send a card to me. Its been a wonderful experience this year as many daughters and sons have bought my homemade DOTTY RED creations as a gift to their mothers, I have seen first hand the love and the bond that is created in the place we call FAMILY.
I will visit my Mum and me and my children will treat her to lunch, give her presents and a card. But that is not the point, the point is being strong in your role as a mother knowing your doing the best job in the world, your creating individual little people, your a role model, the only thanks I need is to hold my children close every day, to feed them, to put a safe warm and cosy home around them, for them to be secure. Their gift to me is their laughter and their LOVE.
 So as a women, a daughter and a Mother I am proud of my family each and every day. I count my blessings, some days are easier than others but as I watch my children go from being made and grown within my body, to nursing them as babies, teaching them to walk, talk, love and laugh, the difference between right from wrong, watching them grow in to healthy, happy little people (well not so little, they grow quick) I am so proud to have this title of MOTHER. I might not get the accreditation of a promotion, I might not change the world, I have no need to be significant or to be known, I am a naturing soul and never happier than when in the loving fold of my family, sitting around the kitchen table sharing a meal cooked by our own hands and laughing and chatting about our day. My gift to my children is my time. This fulfills me and no thanks is needed. 
Happy Mothers Day