Friday, 7 December 2012

Jingle bells Jingle Bells...

At the home of Dotty Red I am just getting to the end of making all things 'Christmas'! 
Lots of lovely delights going out to new homes.  I love this idea, the idea that something I have made, that I have put time, effort and love into will be received by someone who will give it a new home and hopefully love it!
In fact I managed to get on top of my orders last weekend I even had a little bit of free sewing time and started on my spring range, I had plans for lemons and greens with a dash of vintage pink... mmmmmm think I might still be needing to be warm and cosy as the Fox and Rabbit cushion is much more warm and cosy than fresh and uplifting. I rummaged amongst my vintage tin of delights and came up with the doilies and vintage lace and a splattering of buttons.  Yes it was fun play session and I am pleased with the results, I had made them to sell but you know they look great in my armchair by the fire...mmmm can I part with them?
On a night I couldn't sleep I came down in the early hours when the house was silent and made my little Wit Woo Owl pin cushion, just for the joy of it.  This goes under the heading of Silly Sewing! Makes me smile!!! I actually got half way through making it and thought a puppy face with a big black nose would be cute!
Each year I make a Christmas wreath, with my floristry background they are usually big door wreaths with ample amounts of holly and ivy. But this year (whilst I had my vintage box of goodies out) I thought I would make a different one.  Actually it started of as part of my spring range, I was going to make one with daffodil felt flowers on it, but my head was still to full of reds and greens and rich tweed fabrics...
My favourite part to this is the holly, made from some much loved tweed, which I have had for years, backed with some good wool felt for stability and the loveliest (and last of) shell buttons.  I used the buttons back to front as I adore the texture of the shell rather than the smooth shiny side. The sparkly button was a button I pinched off a sweater that had a hole in it and I didn't really want to throw it away so I kept this button as a memento...
I leave you with my Santa's Magic Key, my second best seller at the Christmas fairs, (I can smell the mince pies and mulled wine as I type and cheesy Christmas music which is essential to a good fair). These childhood essentials are such fun to make and every one was different. I added little sleigh bells on so when the children look up in to the sky to see if Santa is on his way, you might just hear those bells jingling!

It will be a different Christmas here this year, I am a little surprised we are still in the family home, of course my children are delighted as they love their home and so do not want to move.  But money is a little tight and I am really going to focus on the meaning of Christmas and keep away from the commercially styled Christmas, I have tried to buy mostly handmade to support other home workers but with a teenage son to buy for I might need to make a small exception.  We will be hunkering down for the season and sharing our time with special friends, friends who have been a wonderful support to my family this year who are welcomed into my home with love. So I hope your seasonal plans are making you happy and you to will be sharing this magical time with those you love. I cant wait to see my children's faces the morning of Christmas, those magical moments stay in your heart forever.