Thursday, 20 September 2012

What you been doing...

 Utter madness here, I have neglected you so much and I am ashamed, ashamed I said...Because I am still not back, just popping by to have a cuppa with you and a quick catch up.  Funny I have noticed a lot of bloggers really slow down this summer.  Maybe its the lack of sunshine we have had.
 Anyway I have been, and in fact still on, a path of discover and I am stretching myself more than I have done in years, its scary but also kinda exciting and along the way I have met some fabulous people. Also some not so nice people but the least said about that the better. All those plans made last year, well its happening now.

I have found new beaches to walk along, great big stretches of beach filled with pebbles that go on and on for miles, and indeed I and my little family (my boys and the doggy) walked them...The summer has given us some precious memories despite all the changes and challenges but discovering a new beach is such a gift.
 Managing a business at home around the children is no easy task, but we are doing well, and the boys are my biggest fans, which is such a great feeling.
 My home is still up for sale which gives us all an unsettled feeling but we are blessed, we are warm and cosy and life is good. As the leaves turn and fall as we move into another season, we are closer now as a family than ever.
Oh yes...Its CHRISTMAS!!! I know its not, we still have three months but on the sewing front, its happening right now in my studio and every other room my sewing travels into.

 I miss this place so much, I love the friendliness of it all, the support and the beautiful inspiration. The top of my to do list is to get back to regular blogging, my space the space I am me! Soon... soon.