Monday, 26 November 2012


A lot of my time at the moment is spent sitting in the car...waiting! Waiting for school to end. Waiting outside cubs or scouts. Waiting outside a house for a play date to finish. Waiting for band practise to end. Waiting for the Christmas show rehearsals to end... you get the picture...
 It just seems to be such a lot of time is wasted at this time of year with all the preparations for Christmas. We all do it - I see Moms and Dads all waiting... Its hectic and we have only just begun the madness of the run up to Christmas. But to be there to watch each event, to know the children are safe, to know that it is part of their education, learning to communicate to participate, its all part of being 'MOM". I am thankful that I can be there for them, its not easy working from home and no one to share the duties with but the upside is I get to be there for my boys.  Only sometimes my head is so full of things...the other day I drove right past school and my littlest one shouted 'MOM SCHOOL!!!' I was so busy thinking of my next appointment I drove to it and forgot school...GUILT!
 In between all the 'Christmas run up Mom duties' I sit at my machine and happily sew...package up and pop to the post office.  They know me in the post office now, they usually give my parcels a little squish to release the lavender fragrance within. It makes me smile!
 I have had a little break from all the Christmas red and gold and spent a little time on a gentler shades.
My sketch book this weekend has been scribbled in and I need to spend a little time on 'colour' this week as I start my design for SPRING!!! Kinda excited...

So lovely to see you hadn't given up on me, lovely comments and emails from some special people, I thank you, it warms my heart! Have a super week and see you next week...

Friday, 23 November 2012

Creatively speaking...

 My happy place, my ickle blog has so badly been neglected. I have has some very caring emails sent to   me and I wish to assure you 'all is well'. Life is just busy and I am forgetting to smell the roses!
 I had hoped to blog about the journey of changing Dotty Red from a life style to a business.  That little business set up has rather taken over my life.
 The paperwork is astounding, lots of brown envelopes through my door. As I struggle to manage the life balance of work and children, keeping those things pure and beautiful to me extra close. Being a single mum I have faced some challenges, sometimes I wish I had that extra support and encouragement that seems to behind so many successfully creative people, but you know, its never going to be perfect but I can do this...The don't call me Dotty for nothing!

 But I am pleased to say the rhythm of my life is starting to find its own beat and I am feeling happy about the changes being made to my little families life.
This space I share with you is special to me. It feels safer, social media I have found, can be sometimes challenging. Maybe I am just the type of gal that would rather pick up the phone for a chat, or pop in to see someone face to face, interacting with another human being is crucial to 'our' well being. Don' get me wrong I have met some wonderful people and very inspiring business's. I have a handful of people I follow how just seem to have it RIGHT, yes inspiring!
But...I miss it here, I miss reading my fav. blogs, I miss the support and warmth here. It doesn't help that I know its my own fault, I am working on my priorities. I thank you again for your support and caring comments, hang in there for me a little longer, I am getting there, I have a lovely Blog award from a special blogger to accept which if it doesn't run out I will blog about it soon. I thank you all, I wish you only the best in life and soon I will be back here weekly...Its in the diary...For now though I leave you with some of the results of that creative time spent away from you!

Photos: Little Laura Ashley fabric owls. One of the many Rosettes. Autumn range-fox cub cushion in velvet. Lots of hearts. Lavender and linen pillow hangers. Christmas hangers.