Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Don't give up us baby!

 Its that time of year, the time of year I wish as a human I could hibernate. The short days and the cold don't suit me. I am longing to feel the suns warming rays shine upon my skin. However I have to confess with the return of the snow I have slipped back in to walking, wearing many layers, the woollen sweaters have once again been pulled out of draws and freshened up and wrapped around my body to keep the chills out. Curling up in the evening, closing the curtains and lighting a candle, snuggling up by the fire under  handmade quilts with my children and sipping Hot Chocolate, this year the January blues are a little more bearable.
 As we slip through January in to February we move into the month of 'LOVE'. A time to show our loved ones how special they are and hold them close, or maybe they don't know you love them and its time to show them a token of your emotion. But you know for some, its also a sad time.
I had mixed feelings when asked to make a small range of Lavender and linen hangers for the Broken Hearted. However, and I giggle to myself, it wasn't that hard to come up with some words, I wanted to use rich fabrics, a sparkle of Diamond to just hint at the lost promise of spending your life with someone you love, the gift of 'forever'.... Yes I was a little daunted by making this range but I have to say, it was lovely to do something a little different.  But I am hoping that you will sharing February14th with the person you love.
 With all the snow and the cold my heart skipped a little beat when I rummaged through my fabrics to search out a colour for my Spring cushion commissions.
 Pink seemed the way to go, not a colour I would usually go for and whilst I consider myself a girlie girl I could never say I was a  Pink Girl... yet here I am eight cushions down all in pink...of course you cant go wrong with a little bit of frivolous bunting to chase the dark skies away...
I had to post a snow picture, well you just do, its the rule... it really is so pretty and I am so enjoying my doggy walks this week, but defrosting my little pooches frozed legs when we return home to the welcoming warmth of home is not a part  of the snow I can say I enjoy.
However my children are out in it at every opportunity, sledging and snow balling, they return with excited shouts of "Mom that was ACE! Can we have some Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows". I found myself out in the road with two jugs of Hot Chocolate, squirtie cream and lots of marshmallows as my boys and their friends had a little snow break. Erm might change my name to Dotty Red Cafe!!! Now there's a thought!!!

I hope you are keeping warm and cosy in this chilly January weather and may be, just maybe your having a little fun!

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Making up in 2013

 Wishing you a super 2013, full of love, laughter, good health and HAPPINESS!
                  What a year last year was, full of highs and lows on this amazing journey.
             I wanted to share with you a year in photographs, but life is just moving a little fast...
    I took time out to spend with my children over the Festive Season and made some special memories.
 Working from home tho means little time to turn off completely so the sewing machine sung out its usual tune and I managed to make up some stock. But the New Year is here and my order book is open and I have work to be done...
                     BUT for just a few days more my time is for 'my' family... then the work begins....
I hope you have some special memories of this season and you start the New Year of with a blank page full of possibilities.... All the very best from the home of  DOTTY RED