Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Missing...Blogger who has not blogged for two weeks...

I am right here, but very busy and adjusting to life after my lovely relaxing break away with my children at this beautiful cottage, ah what bliss, photo's to follow, time just chilling, no thought to clock watching and lots of our day spent outdoors playing in the snow and then warming up in the evening in front of a fire with yummy food from the local deli. Sleeping was a big feature of the week, lots of reading, a little bit of knitting and a couple of lovely visits to see a friends...
Returning back home to the usual madness and juggling too many things at once. I am getting there, there is light at the end of the tunnel... struggling with the reality of the return back to normality but helped along with a few very positive signs of spring, oh the snow drops look fabulous and cheer me up and make my heart lighter.

On the kitchen table, the heart of this home, life is busy and a bit messy, but results are on the way, working on a couple of orders, pre paring for being assessed in school and getting as much study done as possible.

I am very excited to announce I have won a couple of blogging awards from some special bloggers, I will reveal all in my next post. For now though I wanted to thank you for taking the time out to keep coming back to my hectic home, a place that shows how reality of day to day living and dreams can mix on a daily basis.

Feeling humble and thankful and a little bit excited about the lighter evenings that promise longer, brighter and warmer days ahead.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Stocking up...

The cold winter weather is taking its toll on my little family...My wee one is curled up on the sofa feeling very sorry for himself, even the promise of a movie with popcorn snuggling up in a big Mommy cuddle does not raise a smile... cough cough cough... poor little poppet.
I too am still under the weather, with a cold that will not let go of me. So with the snow turning to treacherous ice on the roads, I am hunkering down and playing nurse with my littlest one and in the moments he sleeps all curled up snoring gently I have been either sitting at my desk studying or in my sewing room working on stock.
Having attending various craft fairs and shows over the holiday season I have really thought about what I make and what is worth me making. I have noticed a big trend at fairs for small but cute things, so with this in mind I have been making cute button hairbands in Japanese fabric and little fabric button earrings.
Not to mention normal button earrings, with of course the dotty red buttons.
I have really enjoyed designing the packaging and think they go very well in the fabric boxes. My packaging is rather rustic and simple so this sewn card keeps in with my Dotty Red style.
With Spring on its way (oh please please come soon) you couldn't ignore the Easter Bunny so I have made a little twist on the lavender hearts and made ickle lavender bunnies....A treat to inhale all that lavender goodness...cute cute ears!
Oh and of course everyone favourite... bunting and lots of it!!! So I feel I have some stock now, this time last year it was cushions, I have finally found a supplier for my feather pads which really helps on the price front for me.
So I carry on looking after the little one and half term approaches, I am going to sign off for the week and spend time with my family, we are off to a place with people we have not seen for a while, a big old log fire and lots of fields and woods to explore oh and I am sure we will visit the odd beach. As we escape the real world for a week I hope what ever you are doing this next week it will be a blessed time, a time of good health and laughter...and lots of it.