Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What ya doing?

So what have I been up to...I have been working on a couple of Dotty Red commissions...
A scary request for a wedding ring heart cushion... scary because the request was white and blue with a ribbon, no more details. I always find commissions a little daunting. I guess even after years of sewing I still get a little shocked that I am asked to do things - especially things that will have an emotional attachment to them. Yet these things also give me the biggest buzz. I like being stretched and taken out of my comfort zone too.
Along with the special requests I am working on a small order for my Russian Dolls and also making a few extra for the Christmas season. I think these will be kind of cute on a table top Christmas tree. I love the stages involved in making these and gradually watching their characters emerge.
Christmas! I mentioned it again... I have still not accepted that the summer is over. This morning I did the school run in super long linen trousers and fit flops-in the rain!I wanted to share a little good news with you. I have been very nervous all summer as I have had to take some exams to qualify for a place on my course. Tuesday was my exam day. I passed...I returned home to two happy children, my eldest one was so pleased for me I got such a warm glow... or maybe that was the rather nice bottle of red wine I opened at supper time to celebrate.


Lucy said...

Loving your new blog and so glad you are back :D Congratulations on the exams...not something I think I could do again! I can't fid a link your your hop do I find it??

Lucy x

Just Original said...

Love the Russian dolls, and yes they would look great on a table top Christmas Tree!

Congratulations on you passing your exam. hopefully it will mean a new start for you.

Vanessa x

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations on your exam! Your projects are always so pretty -- I love your little russian dolls. I agree -- they'd be adorable on a little Christmas tree!

periwinkle said...

well done you on passing your exam ... the cushion looks just lovely , I'm sure they'll love it ..

marit said...

Congratulations on your exams:-)

Love that heart! I'm sure it will be appreciated. The Russian dolls are also really cute.

French Knots said...

I always hang on to my flip flops as long as possible but my feet are freezing today! Time to dig out the socks I fear.
Well done on passing your exam, what are you studying?x

Kitty said...

Those little russian dolls are so gorgeous. Congratulations on the orders/commissions ... and also on passing the exam ... yay! Well done you :) x