Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Baby Doll...

Out of my comfort zone this week. I have been asked about fabric dolls, not for children to play with more of a nice thing to have on display, its news to me but apparently fabric dolls are the 'in' thing. Following on from the sock monkey trend little fabric dolls with lots of attitude are very desired. I live near Hebden Bridge which is a lovely market town filled with lots of beautiful individual small shops with a very arty bohemian feel to it. I love the place. A shop has asked about dolls...Mmmmm not to be beaten by this I had a play, I researched the net I read my book from the lovely Wee Wonderfuls and thought... I can do this... SO I drew up a pattern, which has been redrawn many times now, nearly there I think... oh lots of cursing went on and seams ripped and re-sewn. Finally I would like to introduce you to JENNY. She is a very happy doll and really likes the simple things in life, she is especially enjoying the warmer days and finding time to sip tea in the garden...
She is a bit shy of those long skinny legs and likes to put on pretty dresses to cover them up a little, a vintage girl so her clothes have lots of lace and pretty buttons on them.
Jenny's best friend is her little felt dog called Scotty. After a day of walking her dog through the daffodils she likes to relax in the evening, she is a bit 'saucy' as she lounges around in her ribbon undies... after all her pretty dress is only worn for best!!!

A little more work is needed I think. I think I need to enlarge the pattern a little so the turning of the body with all those skinny arms and legs is a little easier and I need to change (once again) the position of her arms, a little higher and at more of an angle. Ideally I would like to give her a more defined neck, but this is proving near on impossible and on looking at other doll designers this is something that is a case of 'that's how it is' well if its good enough for them it is for me too. All in all I am pleased with Jenny. But she is a little shy and I am a little scared to show her off.

I hope Mothers Day was a good day. I sadly did not have my boys with me, but after a week of birthday celebrations we have had lots of fun this week. We went to see 'John Carter' a great fantasy film, I think I enjoyed it more than my children. Rosy the pup is not speaking to us after we had her spayed, she looks so sorry for herself at the moment.
I leave you with a beautiful picture of my Mothers Day flowers (actually they had been bought for my Mum but she didn't have time to see me, so they are now on my kitchen window looking stunning and the smell is filling my home beautifully.

Thank you for all your positive comments last week, I am very touched by them, My meetings came to nothing due to a waiting list to get on a college course for small business/start up advice... I have been given another date, in four weeks!

Dog pattern came form the very talented All Sorts.


Thimbleanna said...

Jenny is a little cutie Ms. Red. I hope soon she'll be having lots of little sisters to show nicely in the village shops. And your puppers is looking very sad indeed -- I hope that cone will soon be gone for her!

Debby said...

Happy Mothers Day......sorry you didn't have the boys or get to see your Mum, I hope it was an okay day anyway.
I love the doll. She's so cute.
Poor puppy.
Is that your son in the field of flowers. Such a cute picture.
I hope the school thing works out. Good luck.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Jenny is very cute. My sewing skills are quite lacking so I can only imagine what you went through to get her just right. I know you will continue to improve on what you've already created.

Today is Mother's Day here in the Middle East. And then there's American Mother's Day in May.

Poor Rosy. She doesn't know it is all for her own good. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Tracy said...

Oh, how sweet is Jenny and her little Scotty! Great work, Suzie! :o) So sorry your Mothering Sunday was not quite the day... and pooch Rosy look a bit forlorn too. Hope she's better. Hope things are going well all around now. Happy Spring ((HUGS))

Jooles said...

ooooh i say...ribbon undies!!
poor Rosy...i hope she is feeling better very soon x
happy weekend
love jooles x

Poppy said...

Hello, Jenny is adorable...I wish I could sew like that.
Poor Rosy, I hope she feels better soon.

Wishing you a lovely weekend X