Friday, 28 January 2011

Today is a good day...

Today is a good day, I awoke to a brightish room despite the earliness of the hour, Friday is my busiest day of the week. But the brightness made me think I had overslept even though my two children cuddling me assuring me they had another ten minutes of cuddle time I still worried. I managed to pull myself out of bed and pull the curtains back and the bedroom was saturated in light. A feeling of excitement rumbled in my stomach. The thought of spring, the signs starting to creep in that January is nearly over and soon the grey days will be turned into warm and energy giving light days, yes indeed they are nearly upon us...
OK I am not talking summer here but the change in the light had a significant effect on my mood and well being. I wrapped my dressing gown around me a little tighter as the chill was still nipping at my skin which was still warm and cosy from being curled up in my bed. As I walked into the kitchen the sunrise over the moors was reflecting on the kitchen wall, it made me smile, what is more it made me want to quickly get my camera and capture the moment...So we (the boys and I) sat around the table and discussed the day ahead whist we munched on our cereal and toast, I have to confess that we also snuggled up next to the heater as indeed the chill was causing us to have dragon breath, swirly streams of breath as we chatted and eat before we all went our separate ways for the day.
Shhhh the end of the day is now near, the boys asleep and I sit in the kitchen on my own...looking at this tin waiting to go in the recycling bin, only its not made its way there and was a present from a neighbour for looking after her home whilst she was away, an empty box the contents long ago eaten. Mmmm why have I kept it. I looked at the container, I looked at my basket of spare wool by my chair in the corner of my kitchen. I looked again and started to put a plan together whist I waited for my supper to cook. Forty minutes later... Tah Dah...
Yes the day has ended on a note to match the morning, a happy one. My new vase of flowers on my dressers.
Making plans in my head for the weekend with my to do list getting a little silly...
- Work on a sewing order
- Work on a couple of cushion designs
- Make some cakes for a child's birthday
- Try to manage a couple of hours of studying
- Food shop
- Washing, drying and ironing the children's school uniforms
- Clean out the Rabbit and Guinea pig plus cut their nails and give the bunny a good comb out as he is matting up his winter coat.
- A wool shop visit, needing some more yarn in particular colour for knitted cupcakes.
- Tip run
- Re plant the pots by my front door with primulas
- Take the children books to the library

Time for a glass of wine, a little sewing in front of the fire and then a good nights sleep.

What ever you are inclined to do this weekend I hope the sun makes an appearance and fills your day with joy.


Twiggy said...

The winter sun does make you feel cheery doesn't it? I've started seeing little bits of pre Spring loveliness appearing. Have a great weekend.
Twiggy x

bekimarie said...

I have loved the sunshine today but not loved the dust it has shown up though!
I knitted a little jar cover last week and used it for flowers too, it really is quite cheery!

B xxx

Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful, busy weekend ahead. Love your little vase cover -- it's so fun when we can make something cute in a hurry!

T's Daily Treasures said...

The sun shining and brilliant blue skies definitely make for a cheery day! Sounds like you had a perfectly lovely kinda day. And if you don't get to all the things on your list, it will still be a good and productive weekend. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Kitty said...

That sunlight is a real treat, isn't it? It's been horribly grey and cold again today - but there was a day last week which was lighter and brighter than all the other days. I am urging spring to come quickly! x

French Knots said...

A bit of sunshine is so wonderful on a winters day, I find it really helps my mood. Nothing worse than feeling glum through the endless grey days.x

Lyn said...

Oh a bit of sunshine goes to our heads!
a whole weekend just doesnt go far enough!

Pene said...

Hi Suzy thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog, I felt it was only fair to visit yours and I'm totally enthralled with your writing. Lovely blog and I'm now a follow.

Tip Top said...

That is fab!!

Florrie said...

Hi Suzie,

because of problems with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url address.

hope you still you colourful crochet jar cover.

florrie x

Locket Pocket said...

It sounds like the sunshine inspired you to have a lovely day! Thank you for sharing it with us. Lucy x

Amanda said...

SUSIE!!! You're back!!! I couldn't be more thrilled! You've probably been back for ages (I've not gone back in your archives yet..) but I only just spotted you! I hope that all's really well with you. I've been having an interesting time since you left but I'll let the blog tell you all about that! I'm going to relax with a glass of wine now and see what you've been up to. Loads of love my dear, Amanda xxx

Moogsmum said...

These little signs of spring are so cheering. We seem to have gone back to dull and dreary today but I have daffodils on my windowsill so all is well with the world.

Your covered tin looks perfect with those lovely roses, especially on that gorgeous dresser!