Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Excuse me...

Just dropping in to explain my total failure to blog. We are all well and had a super week away in our little escape pad at the beach. It was the best week of the year so far, the boys and I had a super time and except for one rainy day we made the most of the Autumnal sunshine and spent most of it outside.Splashing in the sea in our wellies, shivering on the beach eating ice cream and then warming up with hot chocolate and a huge pile of melting marshmallows. YUM!
It was hard saying my goodbye to the friends I have made there and indeed we had a very social week enjoying this special time with special people.
We ended the week with the traditional Halloween party, we make a scary family I think...

So excuse me whilst I get back to dealing with my home being in total upheaval whilst the kitchen ceiling is being ripped down, re plastering and painting in three different rooms after the flood in the summer... busy busy busy.

Catching a few hours in my sewing room to keep on top of the orders, nearly there now and then can spend some time planning a new range, this always makes me happy.

Studying is taking up my time in the evening as I have my first assignment to hand in this week - nervous !
Will be back next week, thanks for bearing with me.


Daydream Living said...

Hi Suzie,
Glad you had a good time with your kids, lovely picture, and good luck with everything in your house and the sewing. Also, thanks for visiting my blog, have a good evening,

Debby said...

Glad your trip went well. Sorry you had to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes.
I didn't know you had a flood. You sure have alot going on. (((((HUGS))))

Florrie said...

Goodbye's are always difficult, thinking of you and your boys and wishing you good luck with all the new adjustments in your life.
florrie x

anne bebbington said...

Suzie!!! I've found you again - you were on my favourites at your old blog on our computer when I lost the lot - then last night I was wandering through the net and you sprang to mind so I googled and found your old blog and thus jumped across to here - lovely to catch up with you again - how life moves on - good luck with your studies xxxx