Thursday, 14 October 2010

No Seriously...

Autumn has well and truly arrived here, the leaves are almost off the majority of the trees in my garden and I mowed the lawn for the last time this year. The air is crisp and when the sun shines, if you close your eyes you can make believe its still summer as the sun has warming strength to its rays.So as much of our time is being spent outside before the cold grey damp weather takes a hold, of course this means little time spent at the sewing machine, no seriously, this week I have hardly sat in front of my sewing machine and I miss my time there not to mention my productivity levels are low, low, low!
But watching the delight in my children's faces as they kick up the leaves and enjoy the textures of the season, their rosy cheeks and I can not forget to mention that magical dragon breath as they roar around the garden. Sadly our colds and coughs remain with us, well mostly with me, but a little fresh air never did anyone any harm. As the nights draw in I am reminded that this is precious time as soon it will be dark and the playtime will be focused indoors.
However when the little ones curl up to sleep I can usually be found curled up myself with a glass of wine and a little hand sewing... The Christmas fair season is nearly upon us and the sewing needs to get done... but for the meantime, a few extra hours in the garden and a few more leaves to clear up.

Packing my bags for a weekend in Wales, some cosy clothes and a little knitting, its promised sunshine... an autumnal walk along the beach is being hoped for, have a great weekend and catch you next week.


Twiggy said...

I LOVE this time of year, the colours, the smells, the nip in the air when we walk down to school - magic.
Hope you're all soon better and have a terrif time in Wales. I love your reindeer - so cute.
Twiggy x

Daydream Living said...

Hi! I'm a happy follower now, read all the posts and hope you have a lovely time in Wales. Bye! Maureen

Em said...

hope you had a lovely walk along the beach. luckily i had a push along hove seafront, what a gorgeous day it was too. x