Thursday, 4 April 2013

School is out!!!

Life in the home of Dotty Red is upside down with the holidays, full of happy chaos.   I still have to keep my hours up with working from home but also need and want to spend time with my family.  Getting the balance is no easy task. My home has been turned into a full sized play ground and for a couple of weeks I am just letting it go and enjoying my children using their imagination and getting outdoors in the fresh air as much as possible, walking on the moors, playing by the sea or time at the farm. 
 I have had some time spent with some special people and as a Mom to boys when my friend came for a few days with her children I made the most of all the 'Hello Kitty Girliness' and took full advantage of all the extra cuddles. Easter itself was such a blessing, I was welcomed into a family to share Easter dinner, in fact Easter proved to be a holiday of lots of yummy food with many meals being cooked for me, a rare treat indeed.
  I have managed to keep the sewing machine purring. With the children on a weekend sleep over I am able to keep up with my work.
 Last week was a  week of cases... kindle cases, glasses cases and phone/gadget cases.
 A few personalised cushions and a special order for a baby quilt using her mama's maternity clothes, I love making such personal items for clients.
 Dotty Red as a business is going from strength to strength and my order book is almost full for this month. 
I have made many changes this last few months in all area's of my life, personal, emotional, family and work. It all came from some news I wasn't expecting, something that has made me totally re-evaluate my life and literally forced me to make some changes. 
 I have to confess to it being scary but necessary and whilst some of the changes I wish could have gone a different way, the majority of changes are empowering and allowing me to keep my children happy, look after my health and take my cottage industry to a new level.
 So a lot of thinking time has been needed and what better place than sitting on a wild beach watching my children play and enjoying my doggy running and leaping on the sand and playing with other dogs. I took the boys away for an adventure weekend by the sea and we had a blast, the cottage was wonderful, we had the pool to ourselves most days and whilst the boys did a sea scooter and snorkeling session I had a little "Mama SPA time". I had my nail s painted which with the amount of work I do with my hands was not the best decision made but it was lovely to be pampered, we had such a blast we booked our next stay there as soon as we got home.  
With a stay in hospital on the cards I still feel a little nervous about the future but with the love of my family, friends and all the wonderful people and customers 'Dotty Red' is bringing into my life I feel blessed and excited about the future.
Yes, indeed sitting on the beach, with the hint of spring in the air is such a magical place to be it lifts my soul and makes me feel that the best is yet to come...


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

My experience has been that those unexpected changes are what's brought the best rewards! So much has changed in my life too, it's been scary, but I feel a much strong person for it! I'm glad your business is going so well! :) x

Heather said...

your adventure weekend sounds great, I wonder where you went. I wish you well with all your changes, it does sound as though some good things are happening too. Lots of lovely makes! Heather x

lazylol said...

It sounds like you've had a lovely time with your family. It's good to take some time out to think and make plans. Hope everything goes ok xx

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